Shannon Mac

Rockabilly, Rhythm and Blues

 Shannon Mac is a four piece rockabilly/blues band consisting of members brought together from all over the state of Minnesota with Tommy Love on guitar, Daniel Clark Peterson on bass and Bobby "The Beat" Philipp on drums.  Shannon's voice carries over an array of styles, from the dulcet tones of doo wop ballads to the guttural growl of the blues. Together they radiate authentic 50's vibes and foot stomping rock and roll.

Shannon Mac

Shannon McDonough is a Minnesota born artist who has been performing for over 25 years. She began in dance at a young age and continued on to musical theatre, dramatic theatre, film and television. She has been singing with local bands of all genres for nearly a decade now, but couldn't be happier to be singing her true love, rockabilly.  She also enjoys knitting, baking and loves her cat, Jimmy.

Former Band Members


Tommy Love - Guitar

Tommy Love was born in Minneapolis and picked up his older brother's unplayed guitar at age 10, a common story to the genesis of a guitar player's career. The first influence on Tommy was the great Gypsy Jazz player Django Rheinhart until he saw the Butanes Blues Band playing a house gig at the old 400 bar and watched front man Curtis Obeda for a few years to learn some blues licks. After that he played in several blues combos around Minneapolis. After seeing the Exotics at First Avenue by accident he began digging into surf instrumental music. He then stumbled across some old Sun Studio records at a garage sale and decided that rockabilly was the best combination of all American music and moved to Memphis where he spent the next 12 years playing in rockabilly, blues and 50s cover bands from the casinos in Tunica Mississippi to Beale street to Alabama and Arkansas. He now lives in Excelsior Minnesota and plays in a surf band called , "Thee Unholy Three" and a rockabilly band called ,"The Mystic Order of Reverb and Twang" (or MORT). His biggest influences are Duane Eddy, Bill Jennings and Dave Gonzales.

Daniel Clark Peterson - Bass

A lifelong lover of all types of music from bubblegum to prog rock to punk, Dan dabbled with guitar for many years but (aside from a couple house parties) never played in public until mid-life crisis struck. Faced with unemployment, divorce and a death in the family (all good fodder for channeling angst into art,) he had a revelation one night while watching reunited ‘70s/’80s rockabilly band Safety Last: “I want to do this!” 

\Armed with an electric, non-standup bass, he learned a few songs and was soon hitting open stage nights.  Through that he formed his first band, Yodel A-Go-Go, and immersed himself in the Twin Cities roots rock and swing dance scenes. YAGG members came and went (and still play occasionally,) but since that time he has also played honky-tonk country with The Lonesome Fugitives, blues with The Del Vincents and all sorts of obscure old rock and roll in The Mystic Order of Reverb and Twang.

He is aided in these endeavors by a very supportive wife and two wonderful kids, one of whom doesn’t really dig rockabilly because “no synthesizers.”


Bobby "The Beat" Philipp - Drums

Bobby was born into a musical family in Minneapolis, MN. He started off as a trumpet player in grade school, until he picked up his older brother Rick"s sticks one day and tried his hand at rhythm. It was drums ever since for him. Playing in the South High marching band he started honing his chops. At 17, while visiting his brother in San Franciscohe sawjazz legend drummer, Art Blakey, where his love ofjazz and swing style beats was sealed. Shortly after he played his first paying gig with his dad's band where his dad informed him, you are now a professional.

35 years later, Bobby has been laying down, swing, shuffle, rock,  and jazz beats throughout the Twin Cities and greater MN . He has played various genres including, country and western, swing, rock a billy, rock, pop and blues.